We are VERY proud of our students!

Everyone enters SMA at a different stage and place in their music journey. Some enter at ground zero, having yet to create music, or they have zero fans. Others join our family with a lot of experience, looking for ways to create more streams of income, improve their music quality, and learn some stealthy marketing skills. In each and every case, we are with them for the ride. This is a marathon, not a sprint. 

We hope you are inspired by these stories and small glimpses as much as we are!




Ted Yoder ~ National Hammered Dulcimer Champion

 "After 6 years of VERY slow growth, we had only 915 fans on our email list. In only 3 months of joining The Online Musician, we grew our email list to over 4,000 fans, We have 265,806 Facebook page likes and 14,056 YouTube subscribers. We also had a video we did on our backyard go viral, within 3 days it recieved over 50 Million views making it the #2 most popular video on Facebook....Within 24 hours we were hearing from Superfans everywhere. If that’s not a great return on time investment, I don’t know what is!"